DR.JULES AND THE ZYDA BLUES REVUE was formed 2 1/2 years ago by Jules and Marc Bazerman.

Jules was a singer in wedding bands for many years and wanted to break out and do not just an original

project, but one that would shape our own sound and style. He called on his son Marc to ask what he

thought of the idea and while they were talking Marc's involvement went from producing the album to

playing on the album and finally to writing the songs for the album. Once they had the first batch of

songs ready, they were now faced with choosing who would fill out the rest of the band. The first spot

they wanted to fill was the drummer. What was needed was someone who was in the pocket, but also

could charge up the atmosphere. When Steve was approached, he jumped at the idea of working with

the two Bazerman men. Since Marc wanted to play acoustic rhythm guitar the next question was who

would be the lead guitarist. Jules and Marc both had the same man in mind, Cecil! Jules had played

with Cecil in a couple of different bands ranging from Country bands to Wedding bands and Marc

grew up listening to Cecil play and trying to cop his licks. They knew he was the person for the job.

Marc and Ray worked together on countless commercials and always wanted to do a band together.

Rays band had just broken up and he was looking for a project to do that was a little different

from the music he had been playing. DR .JULES fit that profile since it blended many different

styles together. The Final two pieces to the puzzle were also the most important. You can't have

a Zydeco band without a washboard or accordion. The search for these two instrumentalists took

a little bit of time because how many people in the New York/New Jersey area play these? Not

Many! Through connections those pieces started to fall into to place. Sacco found Mike

in Upstate New York and Andy was found Through an E-mail alert that Marc's friend sent out.


From the start we knew we could never be a Cajun/Zydeco band, it's not in our blood. We feel

that it is a New Orleans feel that you can't learn. That is way we came up with ZYDA BLUES.

ZYDA BLUES is our Interpretation of the New Orleans sound, but adding in a New York attitude.

The band ages range from 28 - 62 covering every decade. With that there is a great difference in

styles and tastes, but one common ground, the love of making MUSIC!

The album was not done to make tons of money, but to make some serious music and have a great

time doing it.